Wednesday, March 19

"it's like looking hot with a handicap"

so hey dudes! did you hear about the hip new trend? girls who, despite not being lesbians, "dress like guys"! thanks to awesome trailblazers like sarah silverman and avril lavigne and ellen page, who is actually supposedly a lesbian but let's not let conjecture get in the way of insulting statements, ladies can wear whatever they like and even wear minimalist make up! gone are the days of the '90s, when i had to wear my evening gown everywhere. in this post-9/11 world, even professional women in creative career fields are getting in on the act, going into work in "canvas shoes" and black jeans. america! it's a wacky, gender-bending place! soon we women will even be getting short haircuts!

full disclosure: i know the woman in the photo accompanying this article from, i assume, 1973, who somehow traveled back in time to be quoted in it, as well. she's cool and i figure she had no idea how embarrassing this article would be.

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