Thursday, March 13

the surprise of the day

so i took this quiz and got this result:

You like a dive bar

You go to a bar to drink, period. You’re not there to make friends, groove to bland jazz or appreciate the latest advances in recessed lighting. Most of all, you do not go to a bar to impress anyone, and you detest people who do.

please, please, everyone, no fainting, just be cool.

question about quiz: if you don't drink (one of the options on a semi-disguised "your preferred drink" question), why the hell are you taking a quiz called "what's your bar type"?

also, i said, in jest, something funny but impolite when i read "would you count the wino/vagrant who holds the door open for me at night?" and i feel v guilty and would like to apologize for being a terrible person who should probably be shunned by everyone.


Ross said...

A very important part of apologizing is telling us what you said. Otherwise how can we know if you really deserve forgiveness and just how funny it was?

ally said...

ross, out of all of my readers, i'm pretty sure you are the most qualified person to just use your imagination as to what i could've possibly said there.

Ross said...

I will try, but unfortunately my imagination has been somewhat preoccupied with the idea of having Mr. Magoo as governor. What kind of crazy mix-ups might occur? Accidentally vetoing his mother's day card while approving a tax-cut with all of his "Best Wishes," giving a speech to a room full of mannequins in the basement of a T.J. Maxx, etc.

ally said...

wow, i should spend way less time making ill-advised wisecracks about my boyfriend and way more time using the power of my imagination, it seems.