Tuesday, March 18

here's something to look at while i lose my mind

here, have this new pornographers' video. there's no way in hell i can even coherently speak this week, much less write something. our office is yet again undergoing window replacement construction, which involves insane fumes and horrible drilling/smashing/shattering/slamming noises, which seem to basically go from the hours of 11am - 5pm without stopping for more than a minute or two at a time.

really, really, really not sure how this passes osha standards but i guess that's why i'm not in hr.



Hereward said...

That sounds hellacious.


rgin said...

NP WOULD be friends w/ David Cross. Also, I didn't see Neko. I have been drinking, but even when sober I can say no Neko, no cred.

ally said...

dude...i have no sound at work. i didn't watch the whole thing. you know how i feel about the girl. she m favorite. and i said amen.