Friday, March 28


dear coworkers:

stop quitting! we've already had a going-away breakfast today! now a going-away lunch? at this rate, i'm going to have to roll out of here, 400lbs heavier.

thank you!
the girl with the stupid bangs!


Ross said...

A going-away breakfast? Who the hell has a going-away breakfast? Did this person have to go catch a tramp steamer bound for Liverpool? Don't yr coworkers know that all going-away events should revolve around strong drink? They should not revolve around waffles and little cubes of fruit.

ally said...

there was a kung-fu demonstration at the lunch, at least.

Ross said...

I don't have the privilege of understanding what the fuck you are talking about, today. I am starting to think that maybe there was some drinking going on at these going-away events.

ally said...

you're so aggressive today! you should join us at good world tonight at 9pm for the going away drinking!