Tuesday, September 9

fyi, kurt wild is not his real name

A 22-year-old has been fired from a branch of sandwich chain Subway after a customer recognised him from his gay porn work and complained.

Kurt Wild, who has appeared for Freshmen and Buckshot, was employed in a restaurant near St Louis, Missouri.

He said in an email to BGay.com:

"A customer said they wouldn't even eat there at Subway anymore because of my past work and said that if I wasn't fired then they would boycott the store.

okay, so. how did this customer phrase this complaint, exactly? to put this into some form of context and really beat the obvious, i doubt i'd recognize a single person i've ever seen in pornography if they walked right up to me and asked to buy me a beer, much less just seeing them in a hideous subway uniform, making me a shitty sandwich. so...?


JW said...

as long as I hadn't ordered the roast beef

Hereward said...

I don't really get this. Was the patron really disappointed in his performances? What does that have to do with making sandwiches? Was he offended that someone he had seen in gay porn was making food 'cause that just sounds a bit intolerant to me. I mean I'm sure Subway (not to mention the Law) STRONGLY urges their employees to wash their hands thoroughly before work. If the patron was offended by the pornographic career or its homosexual nature, how, um, did he know about Mr. Wild's participation therein? Pop-up (do forgive me) ad? 'Research'? What?

People should really be thankful for whatever gets them out of working at Subways but I think it's kind of depressing that you could have a burgeoning career in porn but still be obliged to work in fast food retail on the side.

Anonymous said...

what subway was it?
does anyone know the managers name?

COLTblogger said...

You can see more of Kurt's movies and trailers at http://www.coltstudiogroup.com/men_basic.php?method=search&modelName=Kurt%20Wild

I thought he did a great job on Tyra's show. Well done Kurt!

Slowloris said...

I can't believe someone would say that, their admiting they watch gay porn while at the same time saying don't want to be served by the person who they saw in the gay porn. And they feel so strongly about it that are going to boycott the store?

And as for subway firing him? Is that even legal? Is their a law in Missouri which prevents fast food outlets from hiring gay porn stars.

I love what Hereward said that was my first reaction as well. Perhaps he was really disappointed with his videos :) lol