Thursday, September 18

dear jeffrey sebelia,

i had such a huge crush on you when you were on project runway, but seeing that dov charney bullshit you've grown on your face last night on top design (which i only even watched because you were on it!) is making me re-evaluate my entire taste in men. could they all do that kind of nonsense? i mean, i am at the point where i am imagining running into my high school boyfriend and he will have that, on his face (never mind that i know for a fact that he is now fat, and married, and has childrens, and is a fancy businessman [who probably no longer has a job, due to the fact that we set wall street on fire, three days ago, and is now a boxcar hobo hiding out at the indian reservation, praying for rain and killing coyotes for food] so ergo he definitely does not have a thing like that growing out of his upper lip).



UPDATE: here is the only photo i could find of this monstrosity:

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Hereward said...

Wait, what kind of facial hair is he sporting?