Friday, September 26

dog and pony show day 3

But a top aide to Mr. Boehner said it was Democrats who had done the political posturing. The aide, Kevin Smith [N.B.: well there's your problem!], said Republicans revolted, in part, because they were chafing at what they saw as an attempt by Democrats to jam through an agreement on the bailout early Thursday and deny Mr. McCain an opportunity to participate in the agreement.

mr. mccain shouldn't have been participating to begin with, what with no longer being on the responsible committee and having had nothing to do with the negotiations for the fourteen days since this crisis "began" (of course i'm using the word began in scare quotes since it's actually been at least around 10 years coming, but what do i know? i'm no john mccain). rushing around like a bull in a china shop while the adults are trying to shotgun marry jp morgan to his girlfriend, wamu, and figure out how the hell to prevent everything else from collapsing is not presidential or smart or anything that kind of resembles those words! if john mccain wasn't a wealthy senator, he would be in a home right now, with some poor teenaged volunteer patting him on the hand and saying, "of course i'll vote for you, president mccain!" while the nurse surreptitiously pumps him full of sedatives, which she of course calls "vitamins," just to get him to shut the fuck up and go back to watching his stories.

he is crazy and mean, impetuous and senile, the bitter and cranky old man i felt terrible for volunteering at a nursing home because no one ever visited him because he was so angry, and for the love of christ how is 40% of our country still even considering voting for this man? the villagers are slipping; we really should be chasing him back to his assisted living facility with pitchforks, where he can hold town halls with his pillows and be the commander-in-chief of the bridge game, but for god's sake that assisted living facility should not be the white house.

what the hell is wrong with everyone? like, for real this time. on the other hand, with the campaigns suspended and everything, it's the perfect time for ron paul to step back in and become president of the universe and internet.

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Hereward said...

Whatever else I do tonight, a debate drinking game where every time you hear 'my friends' you have to do a shot, is not one of them.