Saturday, September 27

in which picks up an article from the onion

so this story, about sarah palin going to a bar. i have questions/statements about it.

1) "irish pub"? that is the name of the bar? are its main competitors "spanish wine lounge" and "gay nightclub"? grow up, philly!
2) haha this bar is on WALNUTS! street! i mean...really?
3) that lady who gave sarah palin $2 for good luck? because of our flourishing economy, that lady now cannot afford to pay her rent in south philly, and lives in a hobo boxcar with ryan and tatum o'neal.*
4) "santorum with lipstick" is the grossest thing anyone has ever written.

in conclusion, this is a made-up story by ridiculous philadelphia attention hogs who are pretending that sarah palin would even visit their city for fear of being beat to death with a claw hammer, or that they would want such a thing as a visit from crazytits mcgee. "irish pub"--what the fuck? honestly.

* i'm watching paper moon, for some reason. i went to make dinner and this is what was on the teevee, when i returned. it was introduced by robert osbourne and sexy, sexy rose mcgowan!

UPDATE: why am i always surprised that madeline kahn had the most hugest rack ever???

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M said...

last year I saw Young Frankenstein at a midnight movie at a theater; the revelation there wasn't Madeline Kahn's rack but Teri Garr's, which I'd somehow missed whenever I'd see her on Letterman (I was not a breast man in my youth, lemme tell ya).