Saturday, September 27

wow wow wow

SERIOUS QUESTION: have any of you seen beyond the sea? we just stumbled upon this on ifc and OMG THE LAST HALF HOUR IS SO INSANE! youtube isn't loading for me so i can't find it to show you but holy shit. there is a crazy, crazy, crazy song-and-dance sequence with kevin spacey and little kid kevin spacey WHILE HE'S DYING POSSIBLY HAS ALREADY DIED like some crazed all that jazz meets busby berkeley meets I DON'T EVEN KNOW fever dream. holy crap!! kevin spacey, you sir are a wizard and a scholar!

somewhere, christopher walken is pissed that this bastard spacey gets to do this shit and he doesn't.


Bill W said...

I have not seen more than a couple minutes of that, but have you seen Spacey singing "Mind Games" on a Lennon TV tribute?

ally said...

omg NO! fyi -- we tivoed the last bit of beyond the sea so if you want to see what i'm talking about, feel free to come over and watch.

Anonymous said...
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