Wednesday, September 24

guadelajara won't do

why is anyone--anyone in the entire universe, even the dumbest racist born-again in the entire united states of america--still taking this man seriously? is it really that horrifying a prospect, to hire a black man, that some people are willing to defend a crazy, senile old man and his vapid bespectacled mistress to the grave? as a side note, it must really piss some of those people off that they are effectively choosing between a colored and a broad, right?

if somehow captain crazy and the church lady win this, i am going to defect to castro's cuba. just going to another country really isn't enough -- i want to go to another country and never, ever return.

but seriously, thanks for ruining the big party plans everyone had on friday, mccain. old people! always with the noise complaints and the calling the cops and the canceling their dumb debate! god!

UPDATE: here are some suggestions for other things that barack obama can debate, instead. please note that in all cases this will need to be done properly; he has to do all the voices and everything. no cheating!

- a sock puppet
- lego han solo
- the no-face cat
- cardboard cut-out of kelly clarkson
- regis philbin


Hereward said...

Do you nae mean Friday, lass?

ally said...

WHOOPS. i was so excited that i moved it up a day!

Hereward said...

looks pretty desperate and cynical, doesn't it? I love what Reid said:

"We need leadership; not a campaign photo op.

If there were ever a time for both candidates to hold a debate before the American people about this serious challenge, it is now."