Friday, August 29

omg what

(seriously, what is with the palin pick? she undermines his experience platform, she's dumber than a bag of rocks, and she's a psychotic super-christian creationist who hates fags and abortionists so how is she gonna get those "hillary swing voters" again? this seems like a brett favre hail mary but no one is having fun out there, and no one looks like a kid.)


Ross said...

The thing about said "hillary swing voters" is that the reasoning behind appealing to them doesn't have to be based on the assumption that they are reasonable people. Anyone who is still a swing voter after the 170 years this campaign has been going on (speculation as to whether McCain would mount a bid began after his success as Secretary of Covered Wagons in the Polk Administration) is either lazy, dumb, or bitter. Most swing voters are all three.* The Hillary swing voters strike me as being more politically engaged and aware than average, so their hesitance to make a choice is based on their inability to reconcile their desire to stick it to that smug prick Obama with the knowledge that McCain represents basically everything that is terrible about a patriarchal political system. So you pick a sensibly attractive lady who seems to be a relatively decent and intelligent person, for a right-wing politician, and hope that she will serve as a sufficient rationalization for why a bunch of centrist-to-liberal feminists would choose Gramps over the most exciting Democratic nominee since McGovern (sorry, Walter).

*A lot of them are also unnattractive and mispronounce common words like "cleave" and "pickles".

Ross said...

That being said, yeah, of course it's a bit of a hail mary. But it's not like McCain had any genuinely exciting options. I doubt it will help him that much but I don't think it's any worse than any of the other people he was considering.

subwayphilosophy said...

Girl you have got to post more because every time I visit your blog I see this and giggle way too much to feel comfortable at work.