Thursday, August 7

lying liars and the lies they tell

i was at dinner tonight and sat near us was a table with a flamboyant young gentleman and two very vacuous young hipster girls. this man did nothing but tell them outrageous, obvious lies, which they bought wholesale, no questions asked. this culminated to the point which this man was telling them that they stole a manatee from the georgetown zoo (i'm unclear if he meant the guyana zoo or the national zoo in d.c., since neither are actually called "georgetown zoo" -- i lean towards d.c., since he was talking of d.c. earlier, but later he was talking about the west african coast so who knows) and ate it.

it took a lot of control not to yell "bullshit" at this point.

so, you know, giving the guy the benefit of the doubt that somehow they stole a two-ton aquatic animal from a zoo and then figured out how to eat it at home, i kept my mouth shut, but a pretty exhaustive google search reveals i should've stuck with my instinct to yell "bullshit."

i just want to know how incredibly stupid those two girls had to be that they didn't ask a single question about this, or even really comment, beyond one of them lamenting, "you ate shamu!"

you know, shamu. the killer whale. from sea world. it's easy to see how one would confuse shamu with a manatee from either d.c. or guyana.

there are many days in which, ultimately, i desperately hate everyone in new york.

did i mention this young man had earlier claimed he and some friends had, very recently (meaning, in new york city somewhere), eaten a walrus?

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Hereward said...

I dunno, people that dumb and people that preposterous may, indeed, be made for each other.