Wednesday, July 23

what the...?

ok, so i admit that i couldn't stop watching this because, seriously, what the...? that's all i can say about it. except for this: why is it that, starting with that idiotic snl rap, no one will call out all these retarded shorts natalie portman is constantly in for what they are: thinly-veiled hipster racism? i mean...seriously? is it just that i really don't like natalie portman (so shoot me, she's a terrible actress and she's in terrible movies, like the one where she lives in a wal-mart and has a baby and then samuel l. jackson shows up and fights dennis franz or whoever it was from nypd blue and it probably had, like, harry connick jr. in it, because he's just that type of dude and also we had to see ewan mcgregor's cock again and then that really unsexy strip tease that made clive owen look so vomitous? -- i hated that movie), or is it just kind of not really that funny for hip white new yorkers to just be openly and repeatedly ridiculing other cultures? do it in the privacy of your own home while blowing rails, guys. not on the public teevee.

this clip is really fucked up though, i mean because of the octopus thing mostly.

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