Thursday, July 31


does anyone here have any employment leads? side jobs, freelance jobs, actual real jobs...whatever. i can't bear working here anymore. i do a tremendous amount of work, significant portions of other people's work, suggestions i make are ignored or misunderstood so badly that i might as well have kept my mouth shut, the commute is pretty meh, and i'm underpaid by at least $8k. i just am not sure that some of these people have ever seen computers before, which is unfortunate since, you know, i do online stuff.

but no one is hiring. as much as i love getting called by people who then explicitly tell me that they're probably just going to hire from within, but need to advertise outside for legal reasons, it's kind of grating!

maybe i should just realize that 90% of the adult world goes to work on a daily basis and somehow those people do not become suicidal or homicidal...but then when i say that, i remember that 60% of the people i work with are doing maybe 2/3rds of their own jobs, tops. so, yeah.

blah blah blah, whatever, i guess. i think when i get back from minneapolis, i'm going to demand a raise. or i'll just stop coming in, which seems probably better for my psyche.


mookieproof said...

funny, i was going to ask you the same thing.

Hereward said...