Friday, July 25

"did you hear about that guy who tried to blow things up at the super bowl this year?"

my mom sent me an e-mail this morning, which contained only one line: "did you hear about that guy who tried to blow things up at the super bowl this year?" i naturally assumed this was a "tom brady, whatta crybaby!" joke but apparently it wasn't. after going back and forth for several e-mails about what a "big story" this was (during which it changed from blowing things up to shooting people) and how surprising it was i hadn't heard about it, without receiving an explanation or a link, i finally just said, "why don't you TELL me about this story?"

this is the e-mail i received in return:

Okay...[your sister] is going to a kick boxing class. It turns out [your junior high school best friend] is also going to this class. Supposedly she's a rather large girl these days! She told [your sister] she was even 70 lbs heavier at one point!!!!!
When she had her baby, she got sick with a form of like a rheumatoid arthritis. She was on all kinds of medicine including steroids, which pack the weight on. Well, she finally got it all under control and was feeling better so they had a second baby and it acted up all over again - so that's her story. She's still married to that guy (I can't remember his name) and they have two boys.
So [your sister] asked about [bf's sister]. HAHAHAHA Well [bf's sister] got pregnant when she was 17 - which we already knew. She didn't stay with that guy very long. She eventually hooked up with this other guy who is like 10-12 years older than her. They have two kids together so she has 3 now. Well this guy was trying to open a restaurant but Tempe wouldn't give him a liquor license to make it more of a bar. It was supposed to be called "Drunkensteins"

i guess all this impregnation makes sense, but that wasn't the type of "guy who blew things up at the super bowl" that i thought was meant.

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rgin said...

worst blind item ever.