Thursday, July 24

pretty much the truth from what i remember

i should stop agreeing to go to these parties with alex. this account is missing the dramatic street readings of gessen's tour de force. i am excited to see those videos.

alex did indeed win those tickets to 80s night at webster hall -- anyone want them? hell if we're going to something like that. i was dragged there exactly once. we met two men who kept claiming to be sailors, but their stories kept changing as to where they were from, where they were docked, why they were even in new york so far after fleet on and so forth. then some terrible person spilled a very weak girl drink (i want to say it was a sex on the beach, made very poorly) all over my dress. we heard "down under" four times because there was an australian bachelorette party in the crowd and, apparently, aussies are all stereotypes of aussies.

i would also like to add that all of the bartenderesses at merchant's need to be fired, yesterday. and their sangria? are you watering it down with o.j.? ban this sick stunt.


FEK said...
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FEK said...

fuck those people with a soup kitchen ladle. merchants sucks; truth.