Friday, July 11

a touch of sadness on a friday

Alex: In what will be his first job since the blockbuster "Iron Man," Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in "Sherlock Holmes," the drama that Guy Ritchie will direct for Warner Bros.
me: ugh guy ritchie
Alex: i know
me: he's fucking TERRIBLE
he still gets work?
Alex: robert downie jr as sherlock holmes = a++++++++
but then
guy richie ;_;
me: yeah
it's like [REDACTED] hitting on some hot chick in a bar only to find out it is a transvestite
Alex: lolol
me: that is what that description is, to me. my personal transvestite


hint it is jon said...


ally said...

hi alex

Ross said...

Wait why did you even bother redacting that; surely that is not even close to the most insulting thing you've ever said about jon on your blogs.

ally said...

because the rest of them were made-up falsehoods! said...

o u bitch