Wednesday, July 30

new american heroes, OR further advancements in bacon cups

so i've discovered a website selling a product called bacon salt. bacon salt is, apparently, a vegetarian, kosher-certified, zero calorie seasoning salt that tastes exactly like bacon! this is amazing. as one of the reviews on the site says, why would you settle for fries when you can have bacon fries? vegetarians and jews -- often noted by everyone else in the world for how much they're always bitching about how they wish they could just eat one piece of bacon already as if anyone is stopping them besides their own consciences -- can finally enjoy the great taste of bacon again, without the animal murder or the god fear!

so we're going to buy this product and have a tasting party, by which i mean, "we're going to get progressively drunk while putting bacon salt on every edible item we can get our hands on." i'm thinking of putting bacon salt on chocolate ice cream; bacon coke (either kind) and tomatoes (obviously?? why was this suggested?) are all on the board right now too. feel free to throw your own ideas in the comments! this is going to be an exciting labor day activity for all of us.

also, my favorite thing about the whole venture? the fact that it was apparently funded by a win on america's funniest home videos.

UPDATE: ok, my second favorite thing about the whole venture? the bacon salt lolcats that have sprung up around it.

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