Thursday, July 24

if the decision makers were better, they wouldn't be working here

dear maura,

yes. this week's cover is really gross looking. last week's cover, with the lady with spinach-encrusted teeth, was gross looking. you're also forgetting the cover from a few more weeks back -- the cheap eats issue -- which featured a woman's mouth salaciously licking some disgusting-looking sauce off a plate (sauce was also dripping on her hands, natch).

this is also the publication that keeps putting the exact same poorly written "how to be an internet star" article that julia allison wrote months ago on the front page of the website every time she's vaguely referenced by mainstream media. this is the same publisher that put an insanely glamour airbrushed to the point of unrecognizable photo of abigail breslin, who is something like 10 years old, on the cover of a magazine. these are the people who thought that a date with top chef's lisa fernandes was a prize! i mean, the list of offenses being committed here daily are very high indeed.

the apparently constant "we're 13-year-old boys" oral sex photography is really the least of the worries here.

still, it's fucking gross.

sincerely yours,

ps hope to see you fridaysaturday (your writer doesn't know what day her own parties are, it seems)! let's dissect this cover in further disgusting detail.

UPDATE: tehresa, do you mean something like this?:

i think that's a good idea. we should recreate this trend for the party!

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tehresa said...

you should suggest a cover of mouth eating cell phone.