Tuesday, May 13

you may not be this gay, but you sure as hell are trying

this is the actual illustration accompanying a portland weekly's endorsement of obama.


Hereward said...

A couple of points of criticism:

He's got the head and neck ALL wrong. This looks like an angry young black man with an 'urban' attitude. Obama's got the cool, hip thing going on and he works the charming smile.

Everyone knows the weather's never anything like that in Portland. Also their unicorns are multicolored; mostly appaloosas I think but I'm not sure.


What's he holding in his hand?

ally said...


1) chocolate bar
2) remote control
3) taser
4) high protein sports bar
5) profit?

Hereward said...

It's some 'B' branded bling of some kind. A belt buckle? Cell phone? Personalized iTouch?

On scond thought, maybe he's got that weird expression going on 'cause he's getting a headache from being up to his goulies in the Willamette.