Monday, May 12

i'm the only person who understands anything anymore

"There was not a single moment that I thought [Indy] . . . was in any sort of peril or even significant inconvenience."

omfg of course there wasn't because INDIANA JONES IS IMMORTAL. also, maybe he's not because somehow the cup of christ didn't like "take" or something, but whatever! did you actually think he was in any sort of peril in any of the other movies? if so: you are a retard!

it's too early in the morning for me to read the post. i don't even care about this movie, i mean it's going to suck!


Bill W said...

wanna bet?

ally said...

wait. do you seriously want to bet on whether or not this indiana jones movie is going to be lame??

Bill W said...

yes, but who will judge?

Spielberg is a much better director than he was in '84-89!

ally said...

you know, my idea that this movie is going to be kind of awful has nothing to do with the spiel for once!