Monday, May 19

april 3, 2001 im conversation with my mom

Garance80: i have to go make a boca burger, I will be back in three minutes exactly.
Lydk: whoa is me,,,,,woe is me,,,,,,wo is me,,,,,
Lydk: do you think it can be spelled wwo like two?
Lydk: maybe wto
Lydk: for god's sake don't make me amuse myself!!!
Lydk: come back and talk to me
Lydk: Damn boca burger
Lydk: it thinks its so special
Lydk: I hate you boca burger
Lydk: you're not even meat
Lydk: this is a very long three minutes
Lydk: i think you are doing something else
Lydk: like smoking!
Lydk: here kitty kitty
Garance80: I AM BACK

(elapsed time: 4 minutes)

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