Monday, December 17

this seems about right

Flooded subway with skylights, originally uploaded by *reesie.

i have to take three trains to get to work, starting on the j, going to the f, then ending on the a (then a 5-10 minute walk from there--seriously, time out, will you move back to soho already?). every single one of them was jacked 6 ways to sunday today. the j just didn't show up for 20 minutes (which is really lovely, since it is an outdoors station!), the f was packed to the impossibility of actually squeezing in (unless you're the hasid who i saw physically remove a lady from the doorway in order to insert himself into her place--what the fuck is wrong with the hasids on the f by the way? i see them doing shit like this daily), and the a was how it usually is basically. this happens like once a week. should WINDY actually be something that causes the trains to not run?! what the hell? they're underground. well, i mean except for the j. whoops.

also, to the person who created this image: i hope your computer blows up.

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