Friday, December 14

more holiday news you can use from meowrson welles

hello again, everyone. i have discovered that beginning next week (dec. 21st), the macy's at herald square will be open 24 hours a day through christmas eve. i recommend getting very blotto and hopped up on uppers and going to macy's at 4 am. you will end up buying something you do not need, because OMG OMG OMG DUDES DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HILARIOUS IS A GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL LOLOLOL OMG LET'S TOTALLY GET THIS but that is what christmas is about, and also you can just gift it to your stepmom who you have "forgotten" to buy anything for because you're too busy pretending she doesn't actually exist. no word yet on whether or not the bubble tea station inside the macy's will also be 24/7, but i'm keeping my paws crossed.

on a semi-related note, i'm glad macy's has finally done this as i recall...not distinctly, but well enough, an evening ("evening") spent considering breaking into the macy's while very messed up indeed. we settled for running up and down penn station, screaming "green skull!" at people instead. not really as satisfying as going into the macy's, had it been open.

see you at macy's next friday, 4am!


Ross said...

It's ok if the bubble tea place is closed as there is a Burger King in the subway station right there on the corner. This morning a sketchy dude who did not appear to be wearing a regulation BK uniform was offering "free breakfast sandwiches" to people who walked past. Nobody took him up on the offer.

meowrson welles said...

FOOLS! who will pass up a free breakfast sandwich! only in nyc. do they think breakfast sandwiches grow on trees?