Tuesday, December 18

another nyc tip courtesy of meowrson welles

meowrson welles says: thinking of getting on the subway? just...don't! they're all broken, because it is windy, or cold, or because the lady conductor is having her special time of the month, or because someone on the train is high, or something. just trust me. stay home. really, any employers/ceos/presidents/etc reading this, you should just give your employees off the entire month of december, because it's obvious the mta doesn't wish to be on the job, which makes it much harder for your dedicated, didn't-allocate-their-vacations-properly employees to get to work. this morning, i had to take the f back to brooklyn from 2nd ave to connect with the a because both the f and the v were down due to some little girl in queens crying a lot because she wanted a pony for hannukah, which she did not get because, well, she lives in jackson heights for heaven's sake (i think that is what the conductor said). but apparently this queens debacle also ruined the e train, which, of course, ruins the a and the c train so my journey was rather pointless. and annoying, because is there a train less savory than the a?

this isn't much of a holiday to-do tip though, is it? i'd have recommended that everyone have a learning experience this holiday weekend and go check out the jane jacobs exhibit and lectures at the municipal art society, but you have to take the e or the v to get there, and they are on strike until that girl gets her damned pony.

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