Wednesday, December 12

a holiday season recommendation from meowrson welles

meowrson welles says: instead of going to a bar or a nightclub or to your friend's awful, stupid party off the g line which isn't even kind of convenient to your house at ALL, buy a stock of liquor and "party supplies" and ride aimlessly on the s.s. staten island ferry. you'll get a view of all of the fireworks, you'll be on a boat, you'll have booze and hopefully at least one friend--what more do you need? there will be a bonus in that no tourists ever have set foot on the staten island ferry, because wtf are tourists going to do in staten island? if you actually decide to get off the boat, walk left on that main street a bit and there is actually a bar there that isn't terrible, as well, but really let's not push this too much and pretend you're actually going to get off in staten island.

nycers, tune in next week for more meowrson welles recommendations!


Ross said...

Dear Mr. Welles,

Please explain these "party supplies" further. Do harmonicas count? What about cigarettes? Doesn't the rocking of the boat sometimes make "partying" kind of difficult in that you just spill all over the sink?

meowrson welles said...

dear mr. ross,

"party supplies" is a term that can mean anything you'd like it to mean. i feel cigarettes are a necessity--in fact, i'm a bit stunned that i left them off my original post, and harmonicas of course count! i was thinking more along the lines of spice girls noisemakers, though.

and spillage is an avoidable thing if you just wait the requisite 10 minutes til you get your "sea legs". trust me, i have been on a cruise.

meowrson welles