Monday, December 10

A++++ #1 best at being photographer :D

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this weekend i went to a party in jersey city (!!! there are friends of mine from back in the day that, if i told them i got on the j in bed-stuy and eventually emerged at the grove st path station on a saturday night, would piss themselves laughing at me). the couple who threw the party had THE. MOST. CUETEST. CAT! it was black with white feet and chest, which is always cute though of course all cats that look like that get raped by skunks, never forget ;_;

anyway, the main point is, we ordered pizza and the cat went completely batshit begging for pizza. it was amazing, the meowing and the pawing and the climbing people's pants. i figured the cat didn't actually understand what we were eating, so i offered it a piece of my pizza, thinking it'd sniff it, realize its folly, and run away. no such luck. it scarfed the damn thing and went nuts looking for more, more, more, more. like, it was licking the grease off the paper plates. it also had a similar reaction to people eating tortilla chips, and chocolate.

i mean, do cats eat pizza? i don't really feel so bad about giving that pony pizza anymore--i mean, there are starving kitties in jersey city that would kill for that pizza.

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