Wednesday, December 19

an inquiry from meowrson welles, resident nyc expert blogger cat

meowrson welles asks: not a single news website or channel or even the mta's own website is covering the fact that the f is (basically? not 100% sure if it is running very slowly or not at all) down and has been since at least 9:30am. and i am very interested in finding out more about this! so, a free beer or rye or vodka or whatever you are drinking to the person who can tell me more news about the f train.

in a related note, the f train is quickly becoming my least favorite train in the world. like, even less favored than the amtrak from new york to springfield, massachusetts.


rgin said...

Meowrson Welles, why do you have a Norah Jones thing near to you?

meowrson welles said...

i have no comment.