Thursday, June 12

"the original wingman"

wookie knot, originally uploaded by allyzay.

i just felt like getting this out to people besides those who are my flickr friends. seriously, what is up with this knot? it looks exactly like chewbacca the wookiee (note: yes, i did spell that word "correctly" and yes, i am a giant nerd but it's not like i watch battlestar galactica or babylon 5 something, ok? star wars is a very popular film franchise and i am a literate human being who likes to learn how to write things properly, so get the hell off my ass).

picture taken at the dearly departed temperance hall in washington, d.c. temp hall was a delightful, awesome bar with two jukeboxes, one internet, one old school, both very well curated; an amazing bartender who made awesome old fashioned mixed drinks; an enormous selection of whiskeys (mainly rye, i feel like); and pretty good food. not to mention a nice atmosphere, what with the outdoor patio and the downstairs and the tin-roofed, tiffany-lamped upstairs.

so, of course, being that this establishment was in washington, d.c., it has been shuttered and replaced with a wonderland clone. well done, "scene."

i do believe this knot is still there.

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