Sunday, June 29

best restaurant trip ever

i just wanted to publicly thank alex blagg for being the first person to actually send drinks to our table across a restaurant. i thought that only happened in movies but hey! dreams do come true. making the poor, confused waitress tell us that the beers were from "a mr. keith gessen" was a priceless touch. a++++ would've sent a drink back from "ms. julia allison" but you were on your way out.

i know alex already thanked you but seriously that was the most awesome thing a person could've ever done. short of, like, helping us unpack when we move (hint hint everyone else).


Ross said...

Ha ha ha ha you guys are hiring movers but you're still enlisting your friends to come over and, like, arrange your toiletries for you? Well, fuck you, I am going to switch the shampoo and the conditioner.

ally said...'re under the impression that alex and i shower?

Ross said...

Your bathroom may not be as well stocked as your liquor cart, but there are things in there. I have seen them.