Monday, June 9

happy birthday, prince!

SCENE: two people lying on a sofa, suffering from heatstroke, watching vh1 soul. music video for "controversy" comes on.

ally: why do they make him dress like that?
alex: because he's doctor fink.
ally: no, but why?
alex: out of everyone on stage, you're questioning his outfit?
ally: there comes a point during the prince weekend that you just stop questioning whatever the new power generation or the revolution are wearing!
alex: ok, but doctor fink is at least dressed in a recognizable costume!
ally: well...i mean, the revolution is a costume i find pretty fucking recognizable.
alex: "oh how cute! what are you kids dressed as?" "the revolution!"
ally: oh my god, we should totally do that on halloween.
alex: ok, but i'm calling it right now. i'm calling being doctor fink.

(this is the portion of the post where i'd post a prince video for you to enjoy in honor of the man's 50th birthday but apparently he's not a fan of keeping his videos on youtube so here is "summertime" by dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince instead. HOPE YOU LIKE IT, PRINCE :D :D :D )

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M said...

short version: the scrubs on Dr. Fink were his version of the Devo costume.