Friday, June 13

help me save this adorable kitty!

sammy 2, originally uploaded by allyzay.

some of you have heard this already, but i have been adopted by a stray kitten. i've taken to calling her sammy. she's about 6 months old, very friendly, sweet, cuddly, and extremely cute (see above). in fact, i love her.

now, unfortunately, i live with a person who is mildly allergic to cats. alex likes cats and puts up very nicely with not being able to breathe around mr. kitty and stephen meowlkmus, but it's pretty clear that adopting a third kitty would be a major offense. not only that, but having three cats is kind of bordering on crazy-substitute-for-children-cat-lady behavior. sammy is extremely friendly and seems to desperately want to be an owned kitty (she doesn't seem to be the most streetwise of street cats, what with the living on my stoop, waiting for me to give her food angle she's taken), i just cannot own her.

i've been trying to give sammy to keith gessen (he seems like he could use a buddy these days), but he hasn't responded yet. so, this is where you, the viewing public come in. you can either A) find me mr. gessen so he can TAKE BACK THE STRAYS or B) help me find an owner who isn't mr. gessen! like yourself, or your loved ones!

please? just look at it! you want it.

update!: sammy is now on gawker! i have a bad feeling that no one is looking beyond keith gessen's pout and seeing the real victim here, namely this homeless kitty!

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Hereward said...

Sammy's adorable!