Wednesday, October 22

good ideas for halloween costumes (timely edition)

i have to come up with a halloween costume because i have a halloween party coming up that is a costume party. i haven't actually bothered to do this in, like, i dunno, years? i kind of dislike halloween! but anyway here is a list of good ideas for halloween costumes, please feel free to add your own in the comments.

- go as sarah palin but then you rip your costume off and you are actually rick astley
- glue a football to a helmet and go as david tyree but then if someone comes up to talk to you about "the catch" you take off your helmet and you are rick astley
- dress up as joe the plumber! in your toolbag, keep a cassette recorder. when someone asks your opinion of senator obama, press play and then perform a live lip-dub of "never gonna give you up"
- hillary clinton in a big pantsuit. at midnight you take off the big pantsuit and reveal yourself to be rick astley
- vladimir putin and his tiger, but when someone comes to pet the tiger you rip off your kgb mask and it turns out you are rick astley (please note: tiger will remain a tiger so this really will only work if you know how to deal with tigers)
- just go as rick astley


Brian said...

- go as vladimir putin and the tiger cub, but you rib the TIGER CUB's mask off and it's rick astley and you're vladimir putin listening to rick astley

Brian said...

- don't go as rick astley because last time I saw someone dress as him it was r33d l@ndry

ally said...

o god you are not serious. did you see that lns had a racist party?

Brian said...

lol find me a non-racist lns party. But yes, I did see that.

Brian said...

- go as rick astley and everytime someone starts singing "never gonna give you up" say "ugh, THAT song. I only sing 'together forever' now"

William said...
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