Thursday, February 5

my favorite thing about the super bowl

i am greatly amused reading recaps of the super bowl by dad sportswriters that say, "the halftime show sucked and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. that playlist was terrible. in a perfect world, he would've sang 'tougher than the rest', '57 channels', 'mary queen of arkansas', and 'the river'." in the interest of being helpful, as helpful as these ancient bitter gentlemen, here are things that i think could've vastly improved the halftime show.

1. sea otters.
2. play "dancing in the dark". at key "hey baby!" moment, pull PRESIDENT OBAMA onto the stage, do the courteney cox with him.
3. no actual performance, the boss just gets on stage and reads poetry at everyone for 15 minutes.
4. during halftime, the e street band has replaced the viewers' regular arizona football cardinals with the new york football giants. let's see if anyone notices.
5. more of this:

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rgin said...

Big ups to Mary Queen of Arkansas