Thursday, February 19

the final scene from blue velvet

the final scene from blue velvet, originally uploaded by allyzay.

why do all bird exhibits at zoos result in positively lynchian photographs? is it the uncanny valley backgrounds? the not-quite-real lighting? i can't quite put my finger on why, but it's a total fact.

Friday, February 13


the holy grail! look at these tiny, tiny people and their giant foodstuffs! they will bring it to you!

Thursday, February 5

my favorite thing about the super bowl

i am greatly amused reading recaps of the super bowl by dad sportswriters that say, "the halftime show sucked and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. that playlist was terrible. in a perfect world, he would've sang 'tougher than the rest', '57 channels', 'mary queen of arkansas', and 'the river'." in the interest of being helpful, as helpful as these ancient bitter gentlemen, here are things that i think could've vastly improved the halftime show.

1. sea otters.
2. play "dancing in the dark". at key "hey baby!" moment, pull PRESIDENT OBAMA onto the stage, do the courteney cox with him.
3. no actual performance, the boss just gets on stage and reads poetry at everyone for 15 minutes.
4. during halftime, the e street band has replaced the viewers' regular arizona football cardinals with the new york football giants. let's see if anyone notices.
5. more of this:

Wednesday, February 4

frustration at work turns one's mind to the topic of adult beverages

when i lived in dc, i couldn't find xtabentun anywhere. i also couldn't use the internet to import it, to myself, because dc has rather pathetic liquor laws. it took me quite a long time upon moving back to new york to even think about this and look into whether i could get this sent to me here. sure enough...hooray! i knew there was one million and one reasons i came back. anyway, i would like you all to get some xtabentun and try either of my two simple drink recipes.

mayan margarita
1 1/2 oz tequila
1 oz xtabentun
splash triple sec
3-4oz lime juice (adjust to taste/how strong you want it)
dash orange bitters

combine ingredients in shaker, shake, serve over ice. profit! (salt-rim glass okay to use, by the way)

1 1/2 oz tequila
1 oz xtabentun
1/2 oz butterscotch liqueur
3-4 oz hot apple cider (adjust to taste/how strong you want it)
cinnamon stick and/or star anise for garnish

combine tequila, liqeuers, and cider into an irish coffee mug (or a regular mug, i mean no need to go to the target or anything), stir, add garnish. profit!

you can also just add xtabentun to coffee with some milk for mayan coffee.